In 2009 the History began work on the period after 1832. The aim of the programme as a whole is to create a web-based History of Parliament from 1832 to 1945, complementing the traditional printed volumes.

The first major project covers 1832-68, a period in which the Commons oversaw a vast range of activities - social, economic, colonial and religious - prior to the creation of the civil service and the advent of the modern bureaucratic state. Launched after a series of consultations with leading academics in the field, our work on the 1832-68 Commons will provide a key resource for both political and non-political historians and all those interested in the UK’s early democratic development.

As well as analysing the careers of the 2,589 MPs who sat in this period, many of whom have yet to be properly studied, the project is producing accounts of all the 401 constituencies in England, Ireland, Sco