1982 by Boydell and Brewer


£ 45.00


“Here is real treasure: a new and infinitely more comprehensive Dictionary of National Biography … not only comprehensive, it is splendidly detailed as well. All (upper class) Tudor life is here: the criss-cross channels of descent that operated like a complex lottery suddenly to shower wealth on obscure third cousins: the tendency of bright young men to marry rich old widows and so have no children (at least not born in wedlock); the ruthless pursuit of advancing in local politics that often made the early Tudor courtier JP the too-obvious heir of the fifteenth century bastard feudal retainer - only more dangerous because his lord was the King; and (refreshingly) the fondness of building and literature that we see as relaxations from politics but they understood as their continuation.”
Dr David Starkey, in History Today

“The achievement is notable indeed”
Sir Geoffrey Elton, in The Spectator


These volumes cover the reigns of three Tudor monarchs: Henry VIII, Edward VI and Mary I.  They cover the period of Henry VIII’s break with Rome and the establishment of the Church of England – achieved through statutes passed by Parliament – as well as Queen Mary’s attempts to reverse these changes and return England and Wales to Roman Catholic obedience. 

The period is a chal