The House of Commons, 1793-94 by Karl Anton Hickel.
National Portrait Gallery, London.

Members 1386-1421

Published in 1993

These volumes deal with the earliest period covered by the History of Parliament so far. They contain the biographies of 3,175 individuals who sat in the House of Commons in the late 14th and early 15th centuries.

The composition of the House of Commons is dealt with broadly in J.S. Roskell's Introductory Survey. The Survey also provides further details of Members in the form of tables. These include the status of the knights of the shire elected to the House; on men of law as Members of Parliament (particularly significant given the ordinance of 1372 banning the election of knights of the shire of men of law engaged in business in the King's courts on behalf of clients); the question of the residence of Members; the she