New Director for the History of Parliament

The Trustees of the History of Parliament are very pleased to announce that Dr Jennifer Davey will be the successor to Paul Seaward as the Director of the History of Parliament Trust. Lord Norton of Louth, the Chair of the History of Parliament Trust, said that “The History of Parliament is delighted that Jennifer Davey will be our next Director. She has been appointed following a recruitment exercise that involved the Editorial Board and the staff of the History as well as Trustees. Jennifer is a historian of great distinction of Modern British, particularly Victorian, history. Her work has particularly focused on female influence in the politics of Victorian Britain. She is editor-in-chief of History, the journal of the Historical Association, and has held several senior roles in the School of History at the University of East Anglia. Jennifer will take up the position from December, and we very much look forward to working with her to take the History into a new and exciting period”.

Dr Davey said “I am thrilled to have been appointed as the next Director of the History of Parliament. The History is one of the country’s leading research projects, and is extremely well-placed to encourage, sustain, and prompt research into Britain’s political past. As the History enters its next phase, I am looking forward to building on its exemplary expertise and facilitating work across academic, parliamentary and public communities to produce robust and authoritative narratives of the history of British politics and much else besides.”

Dr Davey will take up the position in December.