Dr Paul Seaward

History of Parliament Research

I have returned to being Director of the History of Parliament after a three-year break as one of the British Academy / Wolfson Foundation Research Professors appointed in 2017. The BA/Wolfson project will result in a book dealing with the history of Parliament as an institution over the long term, taking a thematic approach. Before joining the History of Parliament in 2001 I was a clerk in the House of Commons for thirteen years, including stints as clerk of the Public Service, Public Administration and Employment Committees, and periods in the Public Bill and Journal Offices. In 1984-88 I was the A.H. Lloyd Research Fellow at Christ’s College, Cambridge.

You can find out more about the 'Reformation to Referendum' project on my blog.

Research and Publications

Apart from the project on parliamentary history, I am engaged on a biography of Edward Hyde, earl of Clarendon, and am joint editor, with Martin Dzelzainis, of the Oxford edition of the works of Clarendon.

Apart from the project on parliamentary history, I am engaged on a biography of Edward Hyde, earl of Clarendon, and am joint editor, with Martin Dzelzainis, of the Oxford edition of the works of Clarendon.

Publications include:

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