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On this page you will find information to help you work through our materials, and some links to other websites for more on the Reformation and the Tudors.

The following pages are all to help you use the materials in the other sections of the website, understand the terms used, and put events into context:

- A Glossary of terms used


- A Chronology of key events


- A short overview of the Reformation


There are also other sections of this website that contains more information on Tudor parliaments, MPs and Constituencies - you can find the MPs who represented your area or find out more about the politics in your home town or county (remember, though, that this material is much more detailed).

- 'Explore': The Tudors

- MP Biographies: 1509-1558 and 1558-1603

- Constituency articles: 1509-1558 and 1558-1603

- Parliament articles: 1558-1603

Here are some other websites with resources on the Tudors and parliamentary history:

- Parliament Education Service: 'Houses of History' Timeline

- Parliament Education Service: Gunpowder Plot Part 1 and Part 2

- The Historical Association podcast timeline

- British Library Learning: The medieval church

- British Library Learning: Elizabeth I and the Spanish Armada

- British Library Learning Timeline: the 1500s

- BBC History: The Tudors


















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