IHR Parliaments, Politics and People seminar: online seminar with Maria Tauber

On 14 March 2023 the IHR Parliaments, Politics and People seminar will be hosting an online seminar via Zoom with Maria Tauber (University of Warwick). Maria will be presenting her paper ‘MPs and political communication in the eighteenth century’. There will be a question and answer session following her presentation


To receive Zoom details for the seminar you will need to sign up via the IHR event page (press ‘Book Now’).


The seminar will take place on Zoom at 17:30 on 14 March 2023. We acknowledge that work commitments, caring responsibilities and time zones may make attendance at the seminar difficult. If you find that you can only attend part of the session, please contact the convenors and we will do our best to prioritise your involvement. Likewise, if you find that you are unable to attend you can submit a question to seminar@histparl.ac.uk and the convenors will put you in touch with the speaker.