Double Member County

Published in The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1754-1790, ed. L. Namier, J. Brooke., 1964
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Background Information

Number of voters:

about 3,000


26 Apr. 1754Sir William Courtnay
 Sir Richard Warwick Bampfylde
7 Apr. 1761Sir William Courtnay
 Sir Richard Warwick Bampfylde
19 May 1762John Parker vice Courtnay, called to the Upper House
29 Mar. 1768Sir Richard Warwick Bampfylde
 John Parker
15 Oct. 1774Sir Richard Warwick Bampfylde
 John Parker
3 Sept. 1776John Rolle Walter vice Bampfylde, deceased
4 Jan. 1780John Rolle vice Walter, deceased
26 Sept. 1780John Parker
 John Rolle
6 Apr. 1784John Rolle
 John Pollexfen Bastard

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Devon was completely controlled by the country gentlemen. The size of the county discouraged contests, and there were none during this period. Once elected, Members were sure of an uninterrupted tenure: of the six Members for the county 1754-90, three sat until they died, the other three until they were given peerages.

Author: J. A. Cannon