Welsh County

Published in The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1660-1690, ed. B.D. Henning, 1983
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Background Information

Number of voters:

about 1,300 in 1734


c. Apr. 1660SIR EDWARD MANSEL, Bt.
20 Mar. 1661WILLIAM HERBERT,  Lord Herbert of Cardiff
9 Mar. 1670SIR EDWARD MANSEL, Bt. vice Herbert, called to the Upper House
26 Feb. 1679BUSSY MANSEL
10 Sept. 1679BUSSY MANSEL
25 Feb. 1681SIR EDWARD MANSEL, Bt.
18 Mar. 1685SIR EDWARD MANSEL, Bt.
15 Jan. 1689BUSSY MANSEL

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During this period the representation of Glamorgan became firmly established in the Mansel family, and no electoral contests are known to have occurred. The head of the elder branch, which had not been involved in the Civil War, was elected in 1660, but in the following year gave way to the Earl of Pembroke’s heir. This was the last occasion on which the county returned one of the Herbert family, most of whose estates in South Wales were soon to be alienated. Sir Edward Mansel regained his seat in 1670 without a contest, but at the two elections of 1679 he preferred to sign the election indentures of his cousin, Bussy Mansel, who by experience and outlook was more inclined to support exclusion. In 1681, however, he stepped down to take the borough seat, and Sir Edward reemerged as knight of the shire. He was re-elected in 1685, but with his habitual caution allowed his cousin to sit in the Convention.

CSP Dom. 1670, p. 108.

Author: Leonard Naylor