Appendix XII: Absentees in January 1555

Published in The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1509-1558, ed. S.T. Bindoff, 1982
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Absentees in January 1555

At a call of the House in January 1555 106 absentees were recorded. The information laid against the offenders in the Exchequer during Easter term 1555 gives the date of the call as 12 January but the Journal records calls of the House only on the 11th and 14th. After the issue of writs of venire facias further proceedings were taken against some of those named in the list below. The letter (D) signifies that a Member was distrained for non-appearance; (A) that he asked for a day to answer the charge, and (F) that a fine was imposed. One Member was outlawed and the case against three others was dropped. The process lapsed with Queen Mary’s death in November 1558.

Nicholas Adams alias BodruganA
Arthur Allen
John Allsop
John Ashburnham IIA, F
William BainbridgeD, A, F
Richard BowyerD, A
James Brande
Richard Brasshey
Edward Brogden
William Bromley
Ralph BrouneA, D
Robert Browne II
Sir Richard Bulkeley
Henry Carey
(Sir) Thomas CawardenD, A
John Cheyne IID
Henry ChivertonD, A
William Clerke
John ConnockD, A
Thomas ConstableD
Robert CoppynD
John CourtenayD, A
Matthew CradockD, A, D
Nicholas CrispeD
William CrowcheD
Griffin CurteysA, D
William Danby
Thomas DentonA, D
Nicholas Depden
Anthony Dillington
John EveleghD, A, F
Francis FarnhamD, A
George Ferrers
Nicholas Fish
Sir Peter FreschevilleD, A, F
Meredydd Games
Roger Gerard
William GodwinD, F
Robert GriffithD, A, D
William HampshireA, F
John Hannam
William HanningtonD
John HarfordD: case withdrawn
John Harman
Edward HerbertF
Robert HodsonA, F
Sir John Holcroft
Christopher HoleA, D
John HooperA, D
Andrew HordeD, F
John HordeF
Thomas HullD, F
Walter Jobson
(Sir) Henry Jones I
Thomas KeysD
John Knill
William Lawrence IA, F
Henry LeeD
George Leighcase withdrawn
Thomas Lewis IIA
Richard Lloyd
John Mallock
Henry Mannock
Thomas Massey
Thomas Mathew
John Maynard
John MelhuishD
Ralph MichellD, A
William ModyF
Thomas More IIF
William More IIID, A, F
(Sir) Thomas MoyleD
John MoynesD
George Newport
William OxendenD
Thomas Parker I
Giles Payne
William PellattD, F
John Pethebridge
John PeytonD
John PhelipsF
Richard PhelipsD
Thomas PhelipsD, F
Edmund Plowdencase withdrawn
Nicholas PowtrellD, F
Richard Railton
William Randall
John Rede IIF
William Rede I
John Robertsoutlawed
Sir Edmund RousD
Thomas RoydenD
Walter RoynanD, A
Ralph Scrope
Hugh Smith
Thomas Somerset
Peter Taylor alias PerceD, A
William TylcockD, A, F
Philip TyrwhittD, F
John Tyser
Edward UntonA, F
Henry VernonD, A, F
Richard Ward ID, F
Thomas Waters
(Sir) William WigstonD
Mark Wyrley

Ref Volumes: 1509-1558

Author: S. T. Bindoff

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