Appendix D3: Members who sat for more than one shire

Published in The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1386-1421, ed. J.S. Roskell, L. Clark, C. Rawcliffe., 1993
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Members who sat for more than one shire

Out of the 929 individuals who sat in the period 1386 to 1421 as knights of the shire, as many as 95 (10%) were returned by more than one county in the course of their parliamentary careers. In many cases the counties involved were connected for purposes of administration, sharing a sheriff or escheator (these have been bracketed together in the list below); and in most others they were adjacent (shown linked together thus =). However, 30 Members represented shires which were far removed from each other. Given the requirements of the statute of 1413 for MPs to be resident in their constituencies on the date of the issue of the writs of summons, it is of interest to note that the practice of representing different counties nevertheless continued after that date much as before. Individuals returned for more than one shire after 1413 are marked *.

*Arundell, John IIDevon = Cornw.
Barre, Sir Thomas de laHerefs. Herts.
Berkeley, Sir John IGlos. = Som. = [Wilts. Hants]
Bessels, Sir Peter[Oxon. Berks]
Bettesthorne, John[Wilts. Hants]
*Blaket, JohnLeics. Glos.
Blenkinsop, Sir Thomas[Cumb. Westmld.]
Bonville, Sir William ISom. = Devon
* Bonville, Sir William IISom. = Devon
* Boys, Sir JohnMdx. Hants
Bradshaw, RogerDerbys. = Staffs.
Brantingham, Sir WilliamNorthants. Surr.
Braybrooke, Sir Gerard IIBeds. Essex
Brocas, Sir Bernard[Hants Wilts.]
Brooke, Thomas[Dorset Som.]
*Burgh, John IIIRutland = Leics.
Bussy, Sir JohnLincs. = Rutland
*Byron, Sir JohnLancs. Lincs.
Calveley, Sir JohnRutland = Leics.
*Carent, William[Dorset Som.]
Chaworth, Sir Thomas[Notts. Derbys.]
Cheyne, Sir HughSalop = Worcs.
Clifford, RobertNorthumb. Kent
Clinton, Sir ThomasWarws. Kent
Cobham, John[Suss. Surr.] = Kent
*Cockayne, Sir JohnDerbys. Warws.
Corbet, Sir RobertWilts. Herts. Suff.
Curwen, Sir William[Cumb. Westmld.]
Derby, Sir Stephen[Dorset Som.]
Derwentwater, Sir John[Westmld. Cumb.]
Drayton, Sir JohnOxon. = Glos.
Durant, Thomas[Bucks. Beds.]
*Erdeswyk, HughStaffs. = Derbys.
Euer, Sir RalphNorthumb. Yorks.
Fitzherbert, Sir EdmundDorset Suss.
Fitzwaryn, Sir Ivo[Dorset Som.] = Devon
Francis, Sir RobertDerbys. = Staffs.
Frome, JohnBucks. Dorset
Golafre, John[Oxon. Berks.]
Green, Sir HenryHunts. = Northants. Wilts.
*Gresley, Sir ThomasDerbys. = Staffs.
Hakluyt, LeonardHerefs. Som.
Hamely, Sir JohnCornw. Dorset
Harrington, Sir RobertRutland = Leics.
Harrowden, JohnOxon. = Northants.
Hastings, Sir EdmundNorthumb. Yorks.
*Hilton, Sir RobertLincs. = Yorks.
*Hody, John[Dorset Som.]
*Hore, John I[Cambs. Hunts.]
Howard, Sir JohnEssex = Cambs. = Suff.
Hungerford, Sir ThomasWilts. = Som.
Hungerford, Sir WalterWilts. = Som.
* Hunt, RogerHunts. = Beds.
Ingoldisthorpe, Sir John[Suff. Norf.]
James, RobertBerks. = Bucks.
*John, LewisHants Essex
Kentwood, Sir JohnBerks. Cornw.
*Lancaster, John I[Westmld. Cumb.]
Lancaster, John II[Suff. Norf.]
Lee, Sir Walter[Herts. Essex]
Lilling, Sir NicholasNorthants. Worcs.
Luttrell, Sir HughSom. = Devon
Mawarden, RichardWilts. = Glos. = Herefs.
Moresby, Christopher[Cumb. Westmld.]
Papworth, Sir William[Cambs. Hunts]
*Paynell, GeoffreyRutland = Lincs.
Peckbridge, Sir JohnMdx. Hunts.
Perwych, Sir RogerLeics. = Northants.
Peshale, Sir Adam[Salop, Staffs.]
Pickering, Sir James[Westmld. Cumb.] = Yorks.
*Plumpton, Sir RobertYorks. = Notts.
Pole, Sir Edmund de laBucks. Cambs.
Quecche, Hugh[Surr. Suss.]
* Restwold, Richard IICumb. [Berks. Oxon.]
Rochford, JohnLincs. = Cambs.
*Scott, RobertHunts. = Beds.
Skelton, Sir ThomasCambs. Hants
Spernore, WilliamWarws. = Worcs.
Stafford, Sir Humphrey IWarws. Wilts. = [Dorset Som.]
Stafford, Sir Humphrey IIStaffs. Dorset
Stafford, RalphWorcs. = Staffs.
*Stourton, John IIWilts. = Dorset
Stourton, William[Som. Dorset] = Wilts.
Strange, Sir John[Norf. Suff.]
Sturmy, Sir William[Hants Wilts.] Devon
Sutton, HenryWarws. Notts.
Threlkeld, Sir William[Westmld. Cumb.]
Tyndale, JohnNorthants. Cambs.
*Tyrell, John[Essex Herts.]
*Vernon, Sir RichardStaffs. = Derbys.
*Waweton, ThomasHunts. = Beds.
*Wilcotes, JohnOxon. Kent
*Wodehouse, John[Norf. Suff.]
Wroth, JohnMdx. Wilts.
*Wyot, RichardBucks. = Mdx.

Ref Volumes: 1386-1421

Author: J. S. Roskell

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