Dr Stuart Handley

Current Research

Senior Research Fellow Lords 1660-1832

Published Volumes

Senior Research Fellow Lords 1660-1715

History of Parliament Research

My work at the History of Parliament consists of writing biographies for the House of Lord’s section, including John Churchill, duke of Marlborough, Sidney Godolphin, Earl of Godolphin and Charles Morduant, Earl of Peterborough.

Research and Publications

My main research interest is in the political history of Britain 1660-1760. I was associate editor of The House of Commons 1690-1715 (2002), and wrote approximately 250 articles for the Oxford D.N.B. The main findings of my thesis, on the interaction of local and central affairs in Lancashire, can be found in my publications:

- ‘The Members of the House of Lords and the Hanoverian Succession’, in Richard A. Gaunt and D.W. Hayton, eds. Peers and Politics, c.1650-1850: Essays in Honour of Clyve Jones (Parliamentary History 39:1, 2020)

- `Provincial Influence on General Legislation: The Case of Lancashire, 1689-1731’, Parliamentary History, (1997),

- `Local Legislative Initiatives for Economic and Social Development in Lancashire, 1689-1731’, Parliamentary History, (1990).