Dr Emma Peplow

Current Research

Head of Oral History Oral History Project

History of Parliament Research

As Head of Oral History I am responsible for developing the Oral History Project, and contemporary history at the Trust. My current working days are Monday-Wednesday.

I joined the History in September 2012 as Communications and Outreach officer. I was Assistant Director responsible for Communications, Publications and Oral History between January 2018-October 2019. After that I was Head of Development until March 2022.

Research and Publications

My current research interests are largely based on contemporary politics and the oral history project. Together with Dr Priscila Pivatto, I speak and publish widely on our oral history project interviews, and have a particular interest in gender and culture in the Commons. An introduction to our archive was published by Bloomsbury Academic in 2020.

Before joining the History I worked as a Research Associate at the Marylebone Cricket Club Museum, running 'Taking the Field', an oral history project that is creating a collection of digital stories on the importance of grassroots cricket clubs to their communities in the UK and Sri Lanka. In 2010 I completed a PhD in International History at the London School of Economics on The Western Allies in Berlin, 1945-48: Relations at the Ground Level and I taught at the LSE until 2018.

My major publications include:

- (ed. with Priscila Pivatto) The Political Lives of Postwar British MPs: An Oral History of Parliament (Bloomsbury Academic), 2020

- (with Priscila Pivatto) 'A different approach to legislative bodies: reflections on the History of Parliament Oral History Project and laws around abortion', Rechtsgeschichte - Legal History 29 (2021)

- (wtih Priscila Pivatto) 'Life stories from the House of Commons: the History of Parliament oral hsitory project', Oral History 47:2 (Autumn 2019)

- 'Blaina Cricket Club and Taking the Field', Introduction to Small Club, Big History: The History of Blaina Cricket Club, Dr Andrew Hignell, (St David's Press), 2012

- 'Taking the Field: Telling the Story of Grassroots Cricket', Cricket Society Journal (April 2012)

- 'The Role of Britain in the Berlin Airlift,' History 95, Issue 318 (April 2010), 207-224