Appendix XIV: Naval officers

Published in The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1690-1715, ed. D. Hayton, E. Cruickshanks, S. Handley, 2002
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Naval officers

The following Members held commissions in the Royal Navy during the period 1690-1715. Flag officers are marked with the symbol ‡.


Matthew Aylmer‡

John Baker‡

Jacob Banks

James Berkeley, Viscount Dursley

William Bokenham

Sir George Byng‡

George Churchill‡

Charles Corn(e)wall‡

Sir Ralph Delaval‡

Sir Stafford Fairborne‡

Robert Fairfax

Charles Fotherby

William Gifford

Hon. Algernon Greville

Lord Archibald Hamilton

Sir Thomas Hardy‡

James Herbert II

Thomas Hopson‡

Sir John Jennings‡

Henry Killigrew‡

Sir John Leake‡

James Littleton

Hon. Henry Mordaunt

Sir John Norris‡

Sir George Rooke‡

Edward Russell‡

George St. Loe

Sir Clowdesley Shovell‡

Sir Charles Wager‡

Sir James Wishart‡

Ref Volumes: 1690-1715

Author: D. W. Hayton

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