Appendix IX: Bibliography of Manuscript Sources

Published in The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1604-1629, ed. Andrew Thrush and John P. Ferris, 2010
Available from Cambridge University Press

Bibliography of Manuscript Sources


London repositories

United Kingdom repositories outside London

Borough repositories

Mss in private possession

Foreign archives and libraries

Parish registers are excluded from these lists, as are numerous individual items.


The British Library


4106 (transcripts of State Papers)

4120-4123 (transcripts of correspondence of Anthony Bacon)

4149 (transcripts of State Papers made by Ralph Starkey)

4160 (transcripts of State Papers)

4177 (letters from reigns of James I and Charles I)

4223 (biographical collections)

4274, 4275 (Thoresby papers)

4712 (miscellaneous papers regarding Court ceremonies)

4756 (Irish affairs, 1616-22)

5494 (papers relating to estates of sequestered royalists, 1642-8)

5496 (earl of Hertford’s lieutenancy book, 1608-11)

5520 (Kent pedigrees)

5524 (Suffolk pedigrees)

5529 (Cheshire pedigrees)

5664 (French admiralty causes)

5669n (transcript of records concerning Great Yarmouth)

5698, 5699 (Sussex monuments and inscriptions)

5705 (collections relating to Sussex)

5733 (Musgrave’s obituary)

5752 (military and naval affairs, Eliz.- Chas. II)

5753 (military affairs, Henry VIII - Queen Anne)

5808, 5812, 5836, 5840, 5846, 5847, 5849, 5852 (William Cole’s parochial antiquities)

6038, 10038, 11406, 11574, 12496, 12497, 12504, 12506, 12507, 14027, 34324,

38170 (Caesar mss)

6167, 6171, 6174 (William Bray’s papers relating to Surrey)

6209 (Dr. John Ward’s papers relating to Gresham College)

6297 (heraldic papers)

6316 (miscellaneous papers relating to archery)

6394 (papers of William Boswell)

6674, 6675 (Wolley collection, relating to Derbyshire)

6693 (abstracts of titles, copies of wills, etc. relating to Derbyshire)

6705 (John Reynolds’ miscellaneous collection for a history of Derbyshire)

6713 (copies of charters and customs of the Cornish stannaries)

9297, 9334, 22546 (Navy papers)

10609 (Brecon militia papers)

11042, 11044, 11045, 11816, 45143 (Scudamore mss)

11050 (Herefordshire militia papers)

11051 (Herefordshire subsidy papers)

11052 (Wye navigation papers)

11053 (papers concerning Hereford and the Council in the Marches)

11309 (letters from Fra Fulgentio to Buckingham and others)

11364 (annals of Coventry)

11402 (draft Privy Council register)

12191 (notes concerning honour and arms)

12225 (grants of arms)

12508 (book of fees and office of the Crown, 1589)

12528 (Sir Sackville Crowe’s book of disbursements for the duke of Buckingham)

14030, 46185, 48000 – 48048, 48116, 48119, 48196 (Yelverton mss)

14295 (grants of arms)

15084 (papers of Suffolk’s lord lieutenants)

15520 (Suffolk antiquities)

15663 (Bayley collection)

15750 (miscellaneous papers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries)

18597 (parliamentary diary of Sir Walter Earle 1624)

18777 (parliamentary diary of Walter Yonge 1642)

18913 (ordinances of the Merchant Adventurers’ Company)

19077, 19079, 19083, 19085, 19091, 19096, 19100, 19101, 19104, 19105, 19112,

19113 (Davy collection, Suffolk)

19117, 19118, 19128, 9132, 19132, 19146, 19149, 19150, 19154, 19156 (Suffolk pedigrees)

21922 (letter book of Sir Richard Norton)

22084, 22085 (registers of the committee for sequestrations, Wiltshire)

22587 (copies of seventeenth-century papers)

22591, 25463, 27404, 27457, 27990, 28079, 33051, 33924, 34079, 44919 (miscellaneous papers)

22865 (journal of the Dutch ambassador)

23213 (Conway papers)

24120 (baronetcy papers)

24475 (Yorkshire biographical notices)

25079 (Spencer of Althorp papers)

26635 (proceedings of the commissioners of the Union)

26639 (parliamentary diary of John Pym, 1624)

26781 (Hampshire militia papers)

27278 (memorandum book of Sir Francis Bacon)

27447 (Paston papers)

27877 (register of accounts of loan collectors 1611-12)

27878 (journal of debates in House of Commons 1628-9)

28000, 28010 (Oxenden mss)

28036 (Dover corporation minutes)

28175 (Rev. Palmer’s collection for a history of Tamworth)

28241, 28252 (Caryll mss)

28326 (Sir Thomas Fairfax’s tract on the Palatinate)

28685 (correspondence of Lord Carew of Clopton)

29264 (Dugdale’s collections for a history of Warwickshire)

29751 (Hatton mss)

29599 (Carew mss)

29620, 29623 (extracts from Dover town records)

29674 (miscellaneous genealogical papers)

29759 (Manwood family notebook)

29974, 29976 (Pitt mss)

30305 (Fairfax family correspondence)

31111, 31112 (Gardiner transcripts of foreign ambassadors’ dispatches)

31116 (Lawrence Whitaker’s diary of the Long Parliament)

31825 (survey of royal officeholders 1610)

32023B (transcript of dispatches of Savoyard ambassador)

32324 (Seymour mss)

32471 (Commonwealth papers)

33145 (accounts of Sir Thomas Pelham)

33378 (warrant book of appointments)

33461 – 33463 (Cromwell mss)

33466 (Cambridgeshire sewer commission proceedings)

33895 (Kent pedigrees)

33929 (genealogical notes)

33935, 33936 (papers of Moreton family of Moreton)

34163, 34172, 34176 (Twysden mss)

34217, 34218 (Fane mss)

34220 (autobiography of Mildmay Fane, 2nd earl of Westmorland)

34224 (correspondence regarding military affairs in Cornwall)

34566 (Jackson collection regarding Wiltshire)

34568 (Bliss correspondence)

34599 - 34601 (Spelman mss)

34650 (letters to Philip Morant regarding his intended history of Essex)

34679 (Nevill of Holt mss)

34765 (grants of recusants’ property 1606-11)

35331 (diary of Walter Yonge 1627-42)

35832 (Hardwicke papers)

36293 (3rd Lord Eure’s letters as a muster commissioner for Yorkshire)

36294 (Camden correspondence)

36370 (drawings of parish churches, London and Westminster)

36444, 36445, 36452, 36901 (Aston mss)

36455 (Broughton mss)

36927 (Norris mss)

37047 (Long mss)

37157 (Herbert mss)

37343 (diary of Bulstrode Whitelocke)

37816 – 37819 (Nicholas mss)

37951 (miscellaneous autograph letters)

38139 (Manwood mss)

38444, 38446, 38485 (Liverpool mss)

38492 (Townshend mss)

38823 (commonplace book of Sir Edward Hoby)

38855 (Hodgkin mss)

39245, 39246 (Wodehouse mss)

39853 (Cornwallis mss)

39941 (Lechmere mss)

39962 (Baigent collection relating to Hampshire)

40135 (Holme Hall mss)

40627, 40629, 40630 (Cassiobury mss)

40746 (Bowes mss)

45193 (Brockman mss)

46188, 46189 (Jessop mss)

46501 (Worsley mss)

47203 (Egmont mss)

49977 (miscellaneous letters and papers)

52798A (letter book of Sir Edward Dering)

53726 (Whitelocke mss)

61989 (Harley mss)

63081, 63082 (Blakeney mss)

63543 (mss relating to Lady Arbella Stuart)

64807 (parliamentary diary of Thomas Standish 1641-2)

64876, 64877, 64880, 64882 – 64886, 64889, 64893, 64894, 64896, 64897, 64902, 64913, 69877, 69878, 69882A, 69884, 69901 (Coke mss)

70001 – 70003, 70035, 70086, 70105, 70108, 70109, 70129 (Harley mss; Add. 70001 formerly Loan ms 29/202; Add. 70002 formerly Loan ms 29/172; Add. 70129 formerly Loan 29/87)

71131H (London funerals)

72253, 72254, 72332, 72358, 72360 – 72363, 72367, 72368 (Trumbull mss)

74241 (account book of Sir Giles Mompesson)

Add. Ch.

6004 (deeds)

18932 (Caryll family deeds)

33149, 33151, 33154 – 33166, 33168A-B (deeds, some relating to the Cromwell family)

33462 (deeds relating to Huntingdon)

39229, 39230 (deeds relating to Hinchingbrooke)

40086 (Hungerford family deeds)

53649, 53652, 53660 – 53667, 53670 – 53675 (Cromwell family deeds)

66353 (Bowes family deeds)

66600 (deeds relating to the East Riding of Yorkshire)

66608 (muster roll of Sir William Constable, 1st bt., 1613)

70634A (Brockman deeds)

76258 (deed concerning the manor of Torrington)

76333 (deed concerning Nathaniel Bacon)

Cotton mss

Augustus I.I (collection of charts, plans and other drawings)

Caligula B.VIII-X (papers relating to Scotland and the borders)

Cleopatra F.II (papers relating to the church)

Faustina C.II (miscellaneous papers mostly relating to trade)

Faustina E.V (tracts on English antiquities)

Julius C.I (records relating to the Middle Ages by Camden)

Julius C.III (correspondence of Sir Robert Cotton)

Julius C.V (correspondence of William Camden)

Julius F.VI (letters and papers Eliz.-Jas. I)

Titus B.V, B.VII (miscellaneous papers)

Titus F.IV (Cotton’s parliamentary diary 1604-10 and other parliamentary papers)

Titus F.V (papers concerning Ireland 1582-7)

Vespasian F.XIII (miscellaneous papers)

Vitellus C.I (papers relating to Wales and the Marches)


71 (includes a tract by Sir Francis Seymour)

784 (William Whiteway’s diary 1618-34)

860 (register of lord lieutenants of Kent 1605-20)

2086 (East India Co. Papers)

208, 2120 (miscellaneous papers relating to Dover and the Cinque Ports)

2118 (orders of the court of lodemanage of the Cinque Ports)

2146 (Fairfax mss)

2345 (liber pacis, 1573/4)

2364 (monumental inscriptions, Hampshire)

2410 (Tollemache mss)

2533, 2538, 2542, 2552 (Nicholas mss)

2584 (papers relating to the Cinque Ports)

2592 – 2596 (Hay mss)

2643, 2644, 2648, 2650, 2651 (Barrington mss)

2715 (Gawdy mss)

2723 (miscellaneous accounts)

2804 (Gawdy mss)

2812 (letter book of Lord Zouche 1600-1)

2882 (register of the Council of the Marches 1586-1644)

2893 (Cotton family pedigree)

2975 (treatises by Sir Robert Cotton)

2978, 2979, 2985, 2986 (Heath and Verney mss)

3328 (Leeds mss)

3517, 3567 (Thoresby Park mss)

3881 (docquet book of 1st earl of Manchester as commissioner for the great seal)

Exported mss

RP154 (commonplace book of Sir Thomas Crewe)

RP 3261 (James Bagg to Philip Corsini, 23 Aug. 1593)



33 (reports of cases heard in the Exchequer)

34 (legal papers)

311, 321 (miscellaneous tracts)

372 (law readings in the Inner Temple)


39 (miscellaneous separates)

158 (miscellaneous parliamentary papers)

159 (1624 parliamentary diary of Sir Simonds D’Ewes)

167 (tracts and papers relating to the sea and customs)

286 (miscellaneous state papers)

304 – 306 (miscellaneous tracts)

354 (tracts and papers collected by Ralph Starkey)

360 (tracts and papers relating to religion)

374 (literary papers)

378, 383 (papers of Sir Simonds D’Ewes)

389, 390 (newsletters of Joseph Mead)

429 (Ordnance Office journal 1626-36)

474 (book of justices of the peace and other commissioners)

642 (ordinances concerning various royal households)

703 (Sir Walter Covert’s lieutenancy book)

781 (register of petitions to Charles, prince of Wales, 1617-25)

807 (pedigrees collected by Robert Glover)

832 (proceedings against the feoffees for impropriations)

852 (transcripts of speeches and other papers)

890 (heralds’ visitation of Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire)

1040 (heraldic notebook regarding funerals)

1111, 5184 (Wiltshire heraldic papers)

1174 (pedigrees and arms)

1181, 1301, 1376, 1397, 1422, 1473, 1533, 2180, 5800, 6141 (heraldic mss)

1221, 1327, 6021, 6166, 7003, 7017 (miscellaneous papers)

1326 (survey of castles and forts, 1623)

1332 (commission for the defence of Ireland, 1642)

1579, 1692 (law reports)

1580 (correspondence, mostly addressed to the duke of Buckingham)

1823 (correspondence of Sir John Borough)

1855 (records of the Spanish Company)

1991, 2075, 2082, 2084, 2091, 2095, 2104, 2105, 2125, 2129, 2150, 2173 (Holme Cheshire collection)

2194 (book concerning the lord high stewards of England)

2300, 6160 (pedigrees)

2313 (anonymous diary of proceedings in the Commons, 1628)

3142 (miscellaneous papers mainly on matters of religion)

3324 (military papers mainly relating to Dorset)

3538 (Welsh pedigrees)

3783, 3786 (Sancroft mss)

3796 (abuses in and remedies for the Exchequer, 1635)

3959 (inventory of the estate of the earl of Warwick, c.1662)

4014 (orders concerning the Cambridgeshire militia 1626-40)

4017 (history of the University of Cambridge)

4031 (genealogical tables and laws of the Fleet prison)

4289 (papers relating to the arraignment of the 2nd earl of Essex, 1601, and two parliamentary journals, 1624 and 1640)

4612 (papers relating to Scotland)

4712 (Le Neve mss)

4945 (parliamentary papers, including John Glanville’s reports)

5011 (Dugdale’s papers on the draining of the fens)

5176 (miscellaneous papers, including papers of William Camden)

5177 (papers relating to the creation of knights)

5811 (genealogy and pedigree of the Finch family)

6018 (catalogue of the Cotton mss)

6019 (copies of evidences relating to Hollingbourne, Kent)

6243 (miscellaneous papers mainly relating to Cornwall)

6383 (John Holles’ 1624 Commons diary)

6445 (parliamentary notes of Sir John Borough 1626)

6599 (Cambridgeshire lieutenancy book)

6687 (Littleton’s tenures, with Sir Edward Coke’s annotations)

6715 (examinations taken by Sir Francis Ashley)

6758 (romance by Sir Kenelm Digby)

6799, 6800, 6803, 6806, 6808, 6811, 6838, 6842, 6847 (Alford mss)

6802, 6804 (Walker mss)

6809 (legal papers)

6846, 6849, 6850, 6865 (papers on parliamentary affairs and matters of state)

6851, 6852 (royalist Civil War papers)

6865 (papers relating chiefly to state affairs)

6986-7 (letters and warrants, Henry VII to James I)

6993 (letters 1581-5)

6995 (letters relating chiefly to affairs of state 1590-1)

7000 (newsletters and other correspondence 1620-31)

7002 (letters, mostly addressed to Sir Adam Newton)

7004 (papers on Scottish and Irish affairs)

7006 (letters, warrants and papers of state affairs)

7007, 7009 (papers concerning Prince Henry)

7010 (newsletters of John Beaulieu)

7046 (papers relating to Cambridge University and diocese of Ely

7186 (earl of Pembroke’s steward’s accounts)

7607, 7609, 7614 - 7617 (Alford mss)

India Office Records

H/39 (East India Company miscellaneous papers)


14, 25, 29, 32, 34, 35, 48 - 53, 55, 56, 59, 60, 64, 65, 67, 69, 72, 74, 75, 76, 78 – 83, 85, 87 (Burghley mss)

88 – 94 (Hickes mss)

104 (Cecil family correspondence)

135, 146, 149, 151 – 153, 156, 159 – 163, 165 – 168, 171 (Caesar mss)

209 (transcripts)

213 (tracts and letters)

216, 238, 253, 254, 256, 737, 885 (miscellanea)

255 (heraldic papers)

273 (list of members of the royal Household)

473 (abridgement of statutes)

485 (election disputes)

486 (parliamentary debates 1604-14)

494 (parliamentary debates 1628)

662 (Crown revenues)

678 (knighthoods)

707 (Queenborough charter)

717 (treatises on the Civil Law)

811 (papers on the Navy and trade)

902 (miscellanea relating to County Durham)

972, 973, 984 (Kenneth mss)

1191 (election returns)

1215 (revenue papers)

1217 (Crown land sales)

1218 (lists of royal officials)

1233 (topographical notices)


16/1-3 (records of the Mines Royal and Mineral and Battery Company)


632/2 (Verney mss)

Royal mss

12.A.lxiv (verses celebrating the king of Denmark’s visit to England, 1606)

17.B.xlii (John Fawset’s address to James I, 1610)

17.C.xxxvi (breviate of debts due to the Crown, 1617)

18.D.iii (Lord Treasurer Burghley’s book of maps)

Sloane mss

271 (papers relating to reform of religion)

320 (tradesman’s account book 1578, extracts on alchemy)

817 (papers relating to customs duties in London)

1044 (collections relating to printing and engraving, including a bond of 1626)

1455 (miscellaneous tracts and speeches)

1664 (medical receipts, astrological rules for discovering thieves, miscellaneous observations)

2069 (papers of Sir Theodore de Mayerne)

2131 (autobiography of Francis Ashley)

2728A (papers concerning St. Thomas’s hospital, Southwark)

3075 (observations on the life of Sir Thomas Coventry)

3078 (copies of papers tempus Eliz.-Jas. I and papers of Sir Francis Bacon)

3104 (papers concerning Prince Henry’s sickness and death)

3232 (Sir William Penn’s tracts relating to the Navy)

3287 (medical papers)

3827 (papers of Henry Carey, 1st Viscount Falkland 1604-32)

3957 (papers of Lord Herbert of Chirbury)

Stowe mss

150 (collection of historical letters)

168, 172, 175, 176 (Edmondes mss)

184 (Dering mss)

354 (collection relating to Parliament)

357 (proceedings in the House of Lords 1553-9)

366 (William Borlase’s notes of debates in the Commons 1628)

396 (reports of State trials)

414 (forest papers)

570, 571 (official lists)

574 (miscellaneous collection)

586 (descriptions of funerals served by the College of Arms)

597 (papers concerning fees, grants and legal cases)

621 (pedigrees)

670 (heraldic collection)

743, 744, 758 (miscellaneous)

763 (charters)

799 (collection relating to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge)

812 (papers relating to Chester)

846 (enrolment book of the mayor and bailiffs of Winchester)

1045 (collection by Francis Tate as secretary to the Society of Antiquaries)

The National Archives

A4 (Alienations Office)

ADM7 (Admiralty miscellanea)

AO1 (declared accounts)

AO3 (auditors of the imprests, accounts)

AO15 (auditors of the imprests, enrolment books)

ASSI 24 (assizes, western circuit, miscellaneous books)

ASSI 35 (assizes, Home, Norfolk and south-eastern circuits, indictment files)

C2/Eliz. (Chancery bills and answers, Elizabeth I)

C2/Jas. I (Chancery bills and answers, James I)

C2/Chas. I (Chancery bills and answers, Charles I)

C3 (Chancery pleadings)

C5 – 8 (Chancery pleadings)

C10 (Chancery pleadings)

C21, 22 (Chancery ‘country’ depositions)

C24 (Chancery ‘town’ depositions)

C33 (Chancery order books)

C43 (Chancery pleadings)

C54 (Close Rolls)

C66 (Patent Rolls)

C78 (Chancery decrees)

C89 (copies of private Acts of Parliament and other legal records)

C90 (commissioners of charitable uses, confirmation of decrees)

C91 (commissioners of charitable uses, depositions)

C93 (commissions of charitable use)

C99 (records of forest eyres south of the Trent, reign of Charles I)

C103 – 4 (Chancery Masters’ exhibits)

C106 (Chancery Masters’ exhibits)

C108 (Chancery Masters’ exhibits)

C110 – 11 (Chancery Masters’ exhibits)

C115 (duchess of Norfolk deeds, including Scudamore newsletters)

C127 (Chancery Masters’ exhibits)

C142 (Chancery inquisitions post mortem)

C173 (papers of the Chancery Six Clerks)

C181 (commission books)

C192 (Crown Office miscellanea, including book of commissioners for charitable uses 1629 - 37)

C193 (Crown Office miscellanea, including liber pacis)

C205 (commissions of inquiry)

C212 (Petty Bag, commissions)

C216/1 (admission roll, 1597-1644)

C218/1 (Parliament pawns)

C219 (election writs and returns)

C220 (administrative papers of the Petty Bag office and Cursitors’ office)

C227 (sheriffs’ rolls)

C231 (Crown Office commission books)

C239 (extents for debt)

CHES 3 (inquisitions, palatinate of Chester)

CHES 38 (miscellanea, palatinate of Chester)

CO1 (colonial papers)

CO124 (colonial papers, minute books of the Providence Island Company)

CP25 (feet of fines)

CRES 40 (papers relating to Crown revenue from woods and forests)

DEL 5 (sentences, high court of delegates)

DEL 8 (miscellanea, high court of delegates)

DL1 (Duchy of Lancaster, pleadings)

DL4 (Duchy of Lancaster, pleadings, depositions and examinations)

DL5 (Duchy of Lancaster, decrees and orders)

DL7 (Duchy of Lancaster, inquisitions post mortem, pleadings and special commissions)

DL28 (Duchy of Lancaster, accounts)

DL29 (Duchy of Lancaster, accounts of auditors, receivers, feodaries and ministers)

DL30 (Duchy of Lancaster, court rolls)

DL41 (Duchy of Lancaster, miscellanea)

DL42 (Duchy of Lancaster, enrolments and surveys)

DL43 (Duchy of Lancaster, rentals and surveys)

DL44 (Duchy of Lancaster, special commissions and returns)

DURH 2 (Durham Chancery proceedings)

DURH 3 (Durham cursitors’ records)

DURH 20 (Durham Exchequer: auditors’ papers)

E40 (ancient deeds, series A)

E41 (ancient deeds, series AA)

E44 (modern deeds, series A)

E101 (Exchequer accounts)

E112 (Exchequer bills)

E115 (Exchequer, residence certificates)

E122 (Exchequer, customs accounts)

E123, E124, E126/2 (Exchequer orders and decrees)

E133 (Exchequer Court, barons’ depositions)

E134 (Exchequer Court, depositions by commission)

E143 (extents and inquisitions)

E147 (Exchequer, grants and leases)

E150 (inquisitions post mortem)

E154 (King’s remembrancer, inventories)

E157 (licences to pass overseas)

E159 (Exchequer, memoranda rolls)

E163 (Exchequer miscellanea)

E164 (Exchequer miscellaneous books, series I)

E178 (Exchequer, special commissions)

E179 (Exchequer, subsidy records)

E190 (Exchequer, port books)

E192 (private papers and exhibits)

E193 (replications and rejoinders)

E198 (Exchequer, proceedings concerning distraint of knighthood)

E199 (Exchequer, sheriffs’ accounts)

E211 (ancient deeds)

E214 (modern deeds)

E215 (papers of the commission for exacted fees)

E306 (duchy of Cornwall records)

E310 (Exchequer, particulars for Crown leases)

E315 (miscellanea, including household accounts of Anne of Denmark and appointment books of Crown manorial officials)

E316 (Exchequer, grants of office)

E317 (parliamentary surveys of Crown lands)

E331 (certificates of institutions to livings)

E351 (Exchequer, declared accounts)

E359 (Exchequer, rolls of subsidies and aids)

E367 (Exchequer, warrants for Crown leases)

E368 (Exchequer, memoranda rolls)

E369 (Exchequer, miscellaneous books)

E371 (Exchequer, originalia rolls)

E377 (Exchequer, recusant rolls)

E401 (Exchequer receipts)

E403 (Exchequer order books and patent books)

E404 (Exchequer warrants)

E407 (Exchequer miscellanea)

HCA1 (high court of admiralty, criminal proceedings)

HCA 13 (high court of admiralty, examinations)

HCA 14 (high court of admiralty, instance and prize courts)

HCA 24 (high court of admiralty, libels etc.)

HCA 25 (high court of admiralty, warrants, bonds and bails for letters of marquee)

HCA 30 (high court of admiralty, miscellanea)

HCA 49 (high court of admiralty, vice-admiralty court proceedings)

IND1 (indexes)

Institution Bks. ser. A, iv-v

KB8 (King’s Bench, Baga de Secretis)

KB21 (King’s Bench, rule books)

KB27 (King’s Bench, Coram Rege rolls)

KB29 (King’s Bench, controlment and memoranda rolls)

KB145 (King’s Bench, record files)

LC2 (lord chamberlain’s department, records of special events)

LC3 (lord chamberlain’s department, registers)

LC4 (office of the clerk of the recognizances, entry books of recognizances)

LC5 (lord chamberlain’s department, miscellaneous records)

LR1 (land revenue, enrolment books)

LR2 (land revenue, miscellaneous books)

LR5 (land revenue, vouchers and accounts)

LR6, LR7 (land revenue, receivers’ accounts)

LR8 (land revenue, views of receivers’ and ministers’ accounts)

LR9 (land revenue, memoranda)

LR15 (land revenue, ancient deeds)

LR17 (papers of surveyor-general of land revenue)

LS13 (lord steward’s warrants)

PALA 6/9 (Palace Court, plea rolls)

PC2 (Privy Council registers)

PL17 (Palatinate of Lancaster, court of Common Pleas, fine files)

PRO 30 (gifts and deposits)

PRO 31 (transcripts of foreign ambassadors’ dispatches)

PROB 6 (Prerogative Court of Canterbury, letters of administration)

PROB 10 (Prerogative Court of Canterbury, original wills)

PROB 11 (Prerogative Court of Canterbury, will registers)

PROB 13 (Prerogative Court of Canterbury, indexes of wills and grants of administration)

PSO 2 (Privy Seal Office, warrants for the privy seal)

PSO 5 (Privy Seal Office, docquet books)

REQ 1 (Court of Requests, books)

REQ 2 (Court of Requests, pleadings)

SC2 (special collections, court rolls)

SC6 (special collections, ministers’ and receivers’ accounts, including household accounts of Prince Charles)

SO1 (Signet Office docquet books, Ireland)

SO3 (Signet Office docquet books)

SP9 (State Papers, miscellaneous)

SP12 (State Papers, Elizabeth I)

SP13 (State Papers, Elizabeth I, large documents)

SP14 (State Papers, James I)

SP15 (State Papers, addenda, 1547-1625)

SP16 (State Papers, Charles I)

SP17 (State Papers, Charles I, large documents)

SP18 (State Papers, Civil War and Interregnum)

SP19 (books and papers of the parliamentary committee for the advance of money)

SP20 (books and papers of the parliamentary committee for sequestrations)

SP23 (books and papers of the parliamentary committee for compounding with delinquents)

SP28 (Commonwealth Exchequer papers)

SP29 (State Papers, Charles II)

SP38 (State Papers, miscellanea)

SP39 (king’s bills, Signet Office)

SP40 (Signet Office warrant books)

SP44 (State Papers, entry books)

SP46 (State Papers, supplementary)

SP63 (State Papers, Ireland)

SP71 (State Papers, Barbary states)

SP75 (State Papers, Denmark)

SP77 (State Papers, Flanders)

SP78 (State Papers, France)

SP81 (State Papers, German states)

SP82 (State Papers, Hamburg and the Hanse towns)

SP84 (State Papers, Holland)

SP92 (State Papers, Savoy)

SP94 (State Papers, Spain)

SP96 (State Papers, Swiss cantons)

SP97 (State Papers, Turkey)

SP98 (State Papers, Tuscany)

SP99 (State Papers, Venice)

SP105 (State Papers, archives of British legations, including books and papers of the Levant Company)

STAC 5 (Star Chamber proceedings, Elizabeth I)

STAC 7 (Star Chamber proceedings, Elizabeth I, addenda)

STAC 8 (Star Chamber proceedings, James I)

T34 (treasury, declarations by the clerk of the pells)

T51 (treasury, miscellaneous warrant books)

T56 (treasury, warrant books)

TS11 (treasury solicitor)

WARD 2 (Court of Wards, deeds and evidences)

WARD 3 (Court of Wards, depositions)

WARD 5 (Court of Wards, feodaries’ surveys)

WARD 7 (Court of Wards, inquisitions post mortem)

WARD 8 (Court of Wards, receiver-generals’, feodaries’ and ministers’ accounts)

WARD 9 (Court of Wards, miscellaneous books)

WARD 10 (Court of Wards, miscellaneous documents)

WARD 13 (Court of Wards, pleadings)

WO54 (Ordnance Office, entry books and registers)

WO55 (Ordnance Office, entry books and papers)

Other London Repositories

Archives of Archdiocese of Westminster

Series A

Clothworkers’ Hall

Freedom admission register (now CL/B)

Orders of courts (now CL/B)

Wardens’ accounts (now CL/D)

College of Arms

Funeral certificates

Povey Collection (B.)

Vincent collection

Corporation of London Record Office (now merged with the London Metropolitan Archives)

Bridge House Committee Journal (BH/GB1, now COL/CC/BHC/01/001)

City Cash accts. 1/1-3 (now COL/CHD/CT/001-003)

City lease bk., surrenders 1630-93 (now CLA/008/EM/02/02/001)

City leases, grant bks. i-ii (now CLA/008/EM/02/01/001-002)

Journals of the Court of Common Council (Jors., now COL/CC/01/01)

Large Royal Contract Estate papers, 12, rough book 1628-32 (Large RCE pprs. 12, rough bk. 1628-32 now CLA/044/02/011)

Letter books (Letter Bk., now COL/AD/01)

Misc. Deeds (now COL/DD01)

Misc. MSS/166/1

Remembrancia (now COL/RMD/PA/01/001)

Rentals Box 1.14

Repertories of the Court of Aldermen (Reps., now COL/CA/01/01)

Research Papers box 1/26 (now COL/AC/13/001/026)

Royal Contract Estates minute book (RCE cttee. min. bk. 1627-32 now CLA/044/05/028)

Royal Contract Estates papers (RCE pprs. now CLA/044/01)

Royal Contract Estates sales 1628-31 (RCE sales 1628-31, now CLA/044/02/010)

Transcript list of City solicitors

Dr. Williams’s Library

Morrice mss

J. Quick, ‘Icones Sacrae Anglicanae’

Drapers’ Hall

Boyd’s list (unpublished typescript)

Freedom list 1567-1656

Minutes, court of assistants

Warden’s accounts (WA)

Duchy of Cornwall Office

Acts of Council

Books of Orders

Dartmoor Proceedings

Duchy Servants

Enrolments of Patents

Letters and Patents

Letters and Warrants

Parliamentary Proceedings

Prince Charles in Spain

Prince Henry and Prince Charles (vol. 2)

Trelawny mss

Goldsmiths’ Hall

Apprenticeship registers

Court minutes

Gray’s Inn Library

MS 54

Guildhall Library (now merged with the London Metropolitan Archives)

Apothecaries’ Company records (8200; 8292)

Bakers’ Company records (5174)

Barber-Surgeons’ Company records (5255; 5257)

Blacksmiths’ Company minutes (2883)


Brewers’ Company records (5442, 5445)

Bridewell Hospital court minutes (33011)

Butchers’ Company accounts (6440)

Carpenters’ Company accounts (4326)

Christ’s Hospital minutes (12806)

Coopers’ Company records (5606)

Cordwainers’ Company accounts (7351)

Daybook recording sums raised for the repair of St. Paul’s Cathedral (25475)

Fishmongers’ Company minutes (5570)

Freemen index

Grocers’ Company records (11571, 11588, 11592, 15211)

Haberdashers’ Company minutes (15842)

Ironmongers’ Company records (16986)

Merchant Taylors’ Company records (34010)

Pewterers’ Company records (7086, 7090)

Plaisterers’ Company records (6122)

Saddlers’ Company minutes (5385)

St. Andrew Undershaft, parish records (4107)

St. Stephen’s Coleman Street, vestry minutes (4457, 4458)

Skinners’ Company records (30708)

Tallowchandlers’ Company accounts (6152)

Tylers and Bricklayers’ Company accounts (3054)

Turners’ Company accounts (3297)

Vintners’ Company records (15201, 15333)

W.H. Challen transcripts

House of Lords Record Office (now Parliamentary Archives)

Braye mss

Commons Journal

Main Papers

Large Parchments

Original Acts (O.A.)

Inner Temple Library

Barrington mss (MS 19)

Petyt mss

Lambeth Palace Library

Archbishops’ registers

Bacon mss (MS 661)

Jenkins mss (MS 1598)

Miscellaneous mss (MS 943)

Sancroft MS (MS 577)

Shrewsbury mss (MSS 698, 701, 708, 709)

Survey of Essex clergy (MS 2442)

Talbot mss (MSS 3196 – 3206)

Leathersellers’ Hall

Accounts and inventories (ACC)

Minute books (GOV)

London Metropolitan Archives

Charterhouse Hospital papers (Acc/1876)

Northwick mss (Acc/76, now Acc/0076)

St. Saviour’s, Southwark parish records (P92/SAV)

St. Thomas’ hospital (HO1)

Mercers’ Hall

Acts of Court 1595-1629

Bridgnorth Mercers’ Company order book

Gresham repertories

Wardens’ accounts

National Maritime Museum

Southwell mss (SOU)

Royal College of Physicians

Annals (MS 2287)

Salters’ Hall, London

Deeds (H4)

St. Bartholomew’s Hospital

Accounts (HB)

Minute books (HA)

Society of Antiquaries


Prattinton Collection


Society of Genealogists

Boyd’s Inhabitants of London

Boyd’s London Citizens

Boyd’s London Units

Boyd’s Marriage Index

Cole mss

F.J. Baigent, Norton family notes

Lovell mss

R. Palmer, ‘History of Tamworth Castle’ (unpublished ms)

Shelley mss

Southwark Local History Library

St. Olave parish records (Stolave)

University of London, Senate House Library

Goldsmiths’ mss (MS 195)

Westminster Abbey Muniments

Chapter act books


Lease books

Westminster City Archives (now City of Westminster Archives Centre)

St. Clement Danes parish records

St. Margaret’s churchwardens’ accounts, overseers’ accounts and vestry minutes

St. Martin-in-the-Fields parish records


All Souls College, Oxford

MS 223

Anglesey County Record Office

David Hughes Charity mss (now WQSA/CHA)

Bedfordshire Record Office (now Bedfordshire and Luton Archives)

Archdeaconry of Bedford, probate (ABP)

Lucas archives (L.24)

Russell collection (R3)

St. John of Bletso mss (SJ)

Berkshire Record Office

Archdeaconry of Berkshire probate records (D/A1)

Downshire mss (D/ED)

Elwell papers (D/EEL)

Ewen and Palmer family and estate records (D/EE)

Hartley-Russell papers (D/EHY)

Lenthall papers (D/ELL)

Neville (Braybrooke) papers (D/EN)

Birmingham Reference Library (now Birmingham Archives and Heritage)

Baker mss

Coventry docquets

Wingfield-Digby mss

Bodleian Library

Additional mss

Ashmole mss

Ballard mss (MS 61)

Bankes mss

Blakeway mss (MS 18)

Bodleian mss (MS 594)

Carte mss

Clarendon mss

Dugdale mss

Fairfax mss

Firth mss (MS C4)

Gough Kent 20

Lat. Misc. e.88

Malone mss

Nalson mss

North mss

Perrot mss

Rawlinson mss

Rigaud mss

Selden supra

Tanner mss

MS Ch. Salop 146

MS Eng. Hist. b.159, c.397, 479, 481, 484

MS Eng. Lett. c.196

MS Eng. Misc. B.27, C.208, C.855

MS Eng. Poet. e.112

MS Smith 28

MS Top. Lancs. e.1; Oxon. c.206; Surr. e.4; Yorks. c.43

MS Willis 48

Borthwick Institute for Archives, University of York

Chancery act book 14

Deanery act books (for Bulmer, Cleveland, Holderness and Pontefract)

Harthill act book

Prerogative court wills

Registrum Testamentorum (Reg. Test.)

Wenlock deeds

York wills

Bristol Record Office

Mereweather and Davies family papers (MS 13458)

Smyth of Long Ashton mss (AC; MS 36074)

Caernarvonshire Record Office

Cefnamwlch mss

Cambridge University Library

MS Dd.iii.63 (original letters)

MS Dd.iii.64 (letters from Henry Howard, earl of Northampton)

MS Dd.v.51 (notes of law readings)

MS Dd.viii.1 (1653 liber pacis)

Dd.xi.71 (extracts from records concerning English fisheries)

Dd.xii.20-1 (parliamentary diary of Bulstrode Whitelocke, 1626)

Dd.xii.62 (description of England)

Dd.xiv.28/2 (tracts)

MS EDR G/2/20 (Ely diocese register of marriage licences 1592-1611)

MS Ee.ii.32 (miscellaneous papers)

MS Ee.iii.45 (reports of cases in Common Pleas)

MS Ff.v.20 (reports of cases in King’s Bench)

MS Gg.ii.28 (miscellaneous papers)

MS Gg.iv.13 (collection pertaining to the duke of Buckingham)

MS (abstracts of law readings and moot cases 1613-21)

mm.i.35, 38 (Baker mss)

MS Mm.iv.7 (‘The Daunger wherein the kingdome now standeth, and the remedy’, by Sir Robert Cotton)

MS Mm.iv.38 (speeches and proceedings in Parliament, 1625 and 1626)

MS Mm.v.1 (speeches and proceedings in Parliament 1625-8)

University registry (CUR) and administration (UA) mss

Cambridgeshire Record Office (now Cambridgeshire Archives)

Wimpole Hall collection (R52/12)

Camden Local Studies and Archives

St. Giles-in-the-Fields vestry minutes

Canterbury Cathedral Archives

Chapter act books (DCc/CA)

Diary of Thomas Scott (U66)

Minutes of diocesan court of High Commission (DCb)

Woodruff mss (CC/Woodruff)

Cardiff Central Library

MS 3.42

Carmarthenshire Archives Service

Cawdor (Lort) mss

Cawdor (Vaughan) mss

Derwydd Additional mss

Dynevor mss

Golden Grove books

Schedule of King’s Deeds (now withdrawn)

Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies

Archdeacony of Buckingham papers (D/A)

Chester family of Chicheley papers (D-C)

Clayton family of Great Marlow papers (D/CE)

Duncombe family of Bletchley and Great Brickhill papers (D/DU)

Egleton mss (D/X 1007)

Uthwatt and Andrewes families of Great Linford and Lathbury papers (D-U)

Verney papers (transcript 9/19-19)

Centre for Kentish Studies

Brabourne mss (U274)

Cinque Ports’ records (CP)

Darell of Calehill mss (U386)

De L’Isle mss (U1475)

Dering mss (U275, U350, U1107)

East Kent sewer commission proceedings (S/EK)

Hales mss (U321, U2669)

Knatchbull mss (U951)

North Kent sewer commission proceedings (S/NK)

Sackville mss (U269/1)

Scott mss (U1115)

Selby of Igham Mote (U947)

Stanley of West Peckham (U522)

Tufton mss (U455)

Streatfield mss (U908)

Walsingham of Scadbury mss (U119)

Cheshire Archives (now Cheshire Archives and Local Studies)

Beerbrewers’ guild book (G2/3, now ZG 3/2)

Birch Cullimore collection (DBC)

Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley mss (DCH)

F. Dwarris, ‘Memoirs of the Brereton Family’ (unpublished ms, now SF/920BRE)

‘L. and I. King’s Sch. Scholars’, unpaginated typescript

Needham (Kilmorey family) mss (DNE 16)

Subsidy records (CAS/9, now ZCAS)

Victuallers’ recognizances (QRL)

Christ Church, Oxford

MS MUS 439

Cornwall Record Office

Bassett mss (B.35)

Bond, Peace, Eliot and Knape mss (BK)

Cornwall archdeaconry records (AP)

Coryton mss (CY)

Edgcumbe mss (ME)

Enys mss (EN)

Hawkins and Johnstone mss (J)

Port Eliot mss

Rashleigh mss (R)

Rogers of Penrose mss (RP)

Tremayne of St. Ewe mss (T)

Coventry Archives (now Coventry History Centre)

Coventry drapers’ records (PA)

Cumbria Record Office (Carlisle)

Lawson mss (D/Law)

Lonsdale mss (DLONS)

Cumbria Record Office (Kendal)

Le Fleming of Rydall Hall, Kendal (WDRy)

Denbighshire Record Office

Galltfaenan mss

Mostyn mss

Wynnstay mss

Derbyshire Record Office

Gresley of Drakelow mss (D77, D803)

Sanders of Little Ireton mss (D1232)

Devon Record Office

Harris of Hayne mss (2527 M/TS 14)

Quarter sessions records

Seymour mss (1392M)

Wollocombe of Bridestowe mss (189M)

Dorset Record Office (now Dorset History Centre)

Bankes of Kingston Lacy mss

Frampton of Moreton mss (D/FRA)

Mansell (Smedmore) mss

Survey of the estate of the 2nd earl of Suffolk 1640 (D10/M74)

Downing College Library, Cambridge

Bowtell mss

Durham County Record Office

Hanby Holmes mss (D/HH)

Miscellaneous documents (D/X)

Strathmore estate mss (D/St)

Durham University Library

Bowes correspondence

East Sussex Record Office

Ashburnham mss (ASH)

Courthope of Whiligh deeds (SAS CO)

Glynde Place Archives (GLY)

Sheffield Park estate papers

Essex Record Office

Archdeaconry of Essex act books and wills (D/AE)

Barrington mss (D/DBa)

Deeds relating to Epping (D/DW/T1)

Gorhambury mss (D/DH)

Morant mss (D/Y)

Exeter Cathedral Archives

MS 3553

Exeter College, Oxford

MSS 95, 103, 151, 154, 168

Flintshire Record Office

Gwysaney (Bangor) mss (D/G/W/B)

Gwysaney (Davies-Cooke) mss

Hawarden parish records

Mostyn mss (D/M)

Plas Teg mss

Glamorgan Record Office

Carne of Nash mss (D/DC)

Gloucestershire Record Office

Adams of London (solicitors) mss (D1637)

Beaufort of Badminton mss (D2700)

Brookes and Badham of Tewkesbury (solicitors) mss (now Thomson and Badham) (D760)

Cirencester parish records (P86/1)

Ducie mss (D340a)

Gloucestershire parish deeds (D2957)

Guise mss (D326)

Lloyd-Baker of Hardwicke Court mss (D3549)

Sotherton-Estcourt mss (D1571)

Stephens mss (D547a)

Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge

MS T44/249

MS 291/274

Greater Manchester Record Office

MS E/27/1/16

Gwent Record Office

Misc. mss 1572

MSS D2.41, 74; D31F; D43.4834, 4918-19, 4960, 4996, 5256, 5624, 5949, 6203

D583.66, 73, 92, 153; D/Pa29.1; D/Pa58.1

MS MAN B/15/6

Hampshire Record Office

Andover etc., deeds (20M52)

Daly mss (MS 20079)

Kingsmill mss

Malmesbury papers

Jervoise mss (including Sherfield and Paulet papers) (44M69)


Wriothesley mss (5M53)

Hereford City Library

Webb mss (Pengelly and Scudamore papers): now transferred to the Herefordshire

Record Office

Herefordshire Record Office

All Saints, Hereford parish accounts

Brydges of Tyberton papers

Guy’s Hospital estates, additional papers

Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

Gorhambury mss

Verulam mss

Hull Record Office

Deeds (D)

Merchants’ Society register (DSN)

Miscellaneous documents (M)

Hull Trinity House

Account books

Letter of 14 Mar. 1626 (LHI/1/1)

Hull University Library (now Hull University Archives)

Gee (Hall/Watt) of Bishop Burton mss (DDGE)

Hotham mss (DDHO)

Langdale of Holme mss (DDHA)

Lawley mss (DDFA)

Huntingdonshire Record Office

Conington mss

Manchester papers (D/DM)

Muster of Huntingdonshire militia 1638 (MS M80/3646/455)

Isle of Wight Record Office

Barrington/Simeon mss (JER/BAR)

Oglander mss (OG)

John Rylands University Library, Manchester

Crutchley mss (MS 680)

English mss (Eng., now English MS)

Legh of Lyme correspondence

Rylands Charters

King’s College Library, Cambridge

Provosts’ letter books

Ruislip estate records (KCAR RUI)

Lancashire Record Office

Blundell of Ince Blundell mss (DDIn)

Commissions of the peace (QSC)

De Hoghton of Hoghton mss (DDHo)

Documents relating to townships in Blackburn hundred (DDX/19)

Duchy of Lancaster commission 1628 (MS DDKe/5/111)

Enrolled deeds (QDD)

Fitzherbert-Brockholes of Claughton (DDFz)

Letter book of Sir Gilbert Houghton (DDN1/64)

Lilford of Bank Hall mss (DDLi)

Molyneux, earls of Sefton mss (MS DDM/1/18)

Petre of Dunkenhalgh mss (DDPt)

Recognizance rolls (QSB1)

Standish of Duxbury mss (MS DX/850)

Leicestershire Record Office (now Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Record Office)

Exton mss (DE 3214)

Finch mss (DG 7)

Hartopp mss

Lichfield Record Office

mss of the dean and chapter (D30)

Lincolnshire Archives Office

Ancaster mss (ANC)

Holywell mss

Worsley mss (MS 1/30)

Liverpool Record Office

Moore mss (920 MOO)

Magdalene College, Cambridge

Ferrar papers (IHR microfilm)

Pepys mss

Merton College, Oxford

Register 1/3

Museum of English Rural Life

Champion family papers (KEN)

National Library of Scotland

Advocates’ mss

National Library of Wales

Ashburnham mss

Badminton (manorial) mss

Bawcutt mss

Bettisfield mss

Bodewyrd mss

Brogyntyn mss

Bronwydd mss

Bute mss

Carreglwyd mss

Castle Gorford mss (MS B10)

Chirk Castle mss

Cilybebyll mss

Clenennau mss

Crosse of Shaw Hill mss

Crosswood deeds

Cwrt Mawr mss (MS 773)

Derwydd mss

Duchy of Cornwall mss

Dynevor mss

Dynevor (supplementary) mss (MS 6)

Esgair and Pantperthog mss (MS A1)

Gwysaney transcripts

Harpton Court mss

James Coleman deeds

Jones of Llanarth mss

Kemeys-Tynte mss

Kyrle-Fletcher mss (MS A(39))

Llanstephan mss (MS 101)

Lleweni mss (MS 668)

Mansel-Franklen mss (MS 75 (3), part 1a)

Milborne mss (MS 4930)

Mynde mss (MS 381)

Ness Strange mss

Noyadd Trefawr mss

Panton deeds

Peniarth mss (MS 412D)

Penrice and Margam mss

Pitchford Hall mss

Plymouth mss (MS 467)

Powis Castle mss

Puleston mss

Ruthin mss (MS 149)

Tredegar Park mss

Ty Llwydd mss

W.J. Hemp deeds

Wynnstay mss

NLW, 339F (Council in the Marches, copies of orders)

NLW, 464E – 468E (Wynn of Gwydir mss)

NLW, 966E (miscellaneous papers)

NLW, 1515D (William Williams’ history of Beaumaris, c.1675)

NLW, 1546E (Anglesey papers)

NLW, 1595E (Davies of Gwysaney mss)

NLW, 6285E (Flintshire records)

NLW, 9051E – 9064E (Wynn of Gwydir mss)

NLW, 9080E, 9081D, 9o83E (Panton papers)

Norfolk Record Office

Bradfer-Lawrence collection (BL)

Hare mss (HARE)

Howard (Castle Rising) collection

Lothian of Blickling mss (MC)

Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society Collection (NNAS)

Norfolk Record Society mss (NRS)

Phillipps mss (PHI)

Rye mss (RYE)

Walsingham (Merton) Collection (WLS)

Norfolk Record Office (King’s Lynn)

John Greene mss

Notebook of William Doughtyn (unnumbered ms)

North Yorkshire Record Office

Kiplin Hall estates mss (ZBL)

Richmond mercers’, grocers’ and haberdashers’ archives (transcript)

Northamptonshire Record Office

Ellesmere (Brackley) mss

Finch-Hatton mss (FH)

Grafton (Fitzroy) mss

Isham of Lamport mss (MS I.C. 155)

Stopford Sackville mss

Northumberland Record Office

Delaval of Seaton Delaval mss (1DE)

Estate records of Wallington manor (ZWN)

Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne collection (MS ZAN/M13/B34, now SANT/GEN/NCL/1/2)

Nottingham University Library

Clifton mss (CL)

Portland (Welbeck) mss (Pw)

Oxfordshire Record Office

Diocesan records (DIOC)

Plymouth and West Devon Record Office

Corsini mss (MS 1010/1)

Portsmouth City Museum and Records Office (now Portsmouth City Museum and Records Service)

MS CE1/3

MS L2/1

Queen’s College, Oxford

MS 449

Royal Institution of Cornwall

Grenville of Stowe mss (MS BRA.B/328/3)

St. Ives Town Council (now St. Ives Archives Study Centre)

St. Ives parish record book 1570-1639

St. John’s College, Cambridge

MS 437, Shelf S.48

St. John’s College, Oxford

Comptus Annus, 1568-72

MS a.3.12 (5)

MS A.7.11

MS E.subt.1-6

MS Gf.8.13 (b)

MS LX.30

Registrum Benefactorum

MS Y.3.13

MS ?.2.23 (1)

MS ?.2.39

Scottish Record Office (now National Archives of Scotland)

mss E34/35, 41

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon

Archer of Tanworth mss (DR37)

Sheffield City Library (now Sheffield Archives)

Elmhirst mss (EM)

Wentworth Woodhouse Muniments (Strafford Papers)

Shropshire Record Office

Shrewsbury drapers’ company records (MS 1831)

Somerset Record Office

Luttrell mss (DD/L)

Mildmay mss (DD/MI)

Miscellaneous Somerset records (DD/BR)

Phelips mss (DD/PH)

Portman mss (DD/PM)

Trevelyan mss (DD/WO)

Walker-Heneage and Button estate mss (DD/WHb)

Staffordshire Record Office

Aston mss (D1798/H.M.Aston)

Bagot mss (D(W)1721, D3259, D4038)

Chetwynd mss (D(W)1744, D1798/H.M.Chetwynd)

Dyott mss (D661)

Littleton mss (D260)

Mainwaring of Whitmore mss (D1734)

Quarter sessions records (Q/SO, Q/SR)

Sutherland mss (Leveson-Gower papers) (D593, D868)

Whitmore mss (D3332)

Suffolk Record Office (Bury St. Edmunds)

Archdeaconry of Sudbury wills (R2)

Suffolk Record Office (Ipswich)

Archdeaconry of Suffolk wills (IC/AA)

Iveagh Collection, Cornwallis mss (now HA411)

Iveagh Collection, Phillips mss (HD1538)

Suffolk Record Office (Lowestoft)

MS M18/06/1

MS 317/1/1/3

Surrey History Centre

Loseley mss (LM)

Trinity College, Cambridge

MS 698/1

Tyne and Wear Archives Service (now Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums)

Accounts, Trinity House, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Orders of the Merchant Adventurers’ Company of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

University College, North Wales, Bangor (now Bangor University Archives and Special Collections)

Bangor mss

Baron Hill mss

Kimmel mss

Mostyn mss

Nannau mss

Penrhos mss

Plas Coch mss

Plas Newydd mss

Warwickshire Record Office

Denbigh mss

Newdigate Collection

West Glamorgan Archives Service

Eaglesbush estate mss (S/D RE)

West Sussex Record Office

Dr. Blaxton’s rental 1597 (Cap.I/26/5)

West Yorkshire Archives Service (Bradford)

John Hopkinson of Lofthouse antiquarian mss (32D86)

West Yorkshire Archives Service (Kirklees)

Letters of Thomas Beaumont (DD/WBC/1,2,9)

West Yorkshire Archives Service (Leeds)

Temple Newsam mss (TN)

Vyner mss (WYL)

Wigan Archives Service

Court leet records (MS AB/CL, roll 2)

Wigan election indenture 1604 (D/DX Ap.G.3)

William Salt Library, Stafford

Salt mss

Wiltshire Record Office

Archdeaconry of Sarum, wills

Consistory court of Sarum, wills

Deeds (miscellaneous)

Long family database (transcript)

Parliamentary diaries of John Hawarde, 1621 and 1624 (MS 9/34/2)

Savernake estate papers (MS 9/4/33)

Suffolk and Berkshire mss (MS 8)

Quarter sessions (A1)

Winchester College Muniments

MS 5097

MS 15256B

MS 15257

MS 15258

Worcester Cathedral Library

Dean and chapter registers

Worcestershire Record Office

Berington Collection (BA/81, now 705:24)

Consistory court wills

Sandys of Ombersley mss (BA/3910, now 705:56/3910)

Transcript calendar of Ligon papers at Madresfield Court

York City Library

R.W. Skaife, ‘Civic Officials and Parliamentary Representation of York’ (unpublished ms)

York Minster Library

MS Add. 343

Yorkshire Archaeological Society

Slingsby of Scriven mss (DD56)

Yorkshire (East Riding) Record Office (now East Riding of Yorkshire Archives and Local Studies Service)

Chichester-Constable mss (DDCC/133, 144)



Berkshire Record Office (microfilm)


Suffolk Record Office (Ipswich) (EE)


Hampshire Record Office (37M85)


Cumbria Record Office (Kendal) (WSMB)


Oxfordshire Record Office (BOR2)


Bath and North-East Somerset Record Office


Bedfordshire Record Office (now Bedfordshire and Luton Archives) (Bor.B)


Berwick-upon-Tweed Record Office (B1)


Yorkshire (East Riding) Record Office (now East Riding of Yorkshire Archives and Local Studies Service)


Shropshire Record Office (BB)


Somerset Record Office


Bristol Record Office


Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies


Cambridge Archives; Cambridge University Library


Canterbury Cathedral Archives (CC/AA; CC/AC; CC/FA; CC-J/B)


Cumbria Record Office (Kendal) (Ca)


Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies (AB; CHB;ML; MUB; now ZAB; ZCHB; ZML; ZMUB)


Wiltshire Record Office


Lancashire Record Office


Dorset Record Office (now Dorset History Centre) (DC/CC)


Essex Record Office (D/B5)


Coventry History Centre (BA)


Devon Record Office (DD)


Denbighshire Record Office (BD/A)


Wiltshire Record Office (G20)


Dorset History Centre (DC/DOB)


East Kent Archives Centre; British Library


Devon Record Office (ECA)


Centre for Kentish Studies (Fa)


Gloucestershire Record Office


Huntingdonshire Record Office


Lincolnshire Archives Office

Great Yarmouth

Norfolk Record Office (Y)


North-East Lincolnshire Archives


Harwich Town Hall


East Sussex Record Office (HAS)


Pembrokeshire Record Office


Herefordshire Record Office


Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies (OFF/ACC 216)


East Kent Archives Centre (H)


Suffolk Record Office (Ipswich)

King’s Lynn

Norfolk Record Office (King’s Lynn) (KL)


Hull Record Office (the borough bench books now bear the reference BRB)


Cornwall Record Office (B/LAUS)


Leicestershire Record Office (BRII)


Herefordshire Record Office


East Sussex Record Office (LEW)


Lichfield Record Office (D77)


Lincolnshire Archives Office (L1)


Cornwall Record Office (B/LIS)


Corporation of London Record Office (now at London Metropolitan Archives). For a full listing, see above under London repositories


Cornwall Record Office (B/LOS)


Shropshire Record Office (LB)

Lyme Regis

Dorset History Centre (DC/LR)


Hampshire Record Office (27M74)


Centre for Kentish Studies (Md)


Essex Record Office (D/B 3)


Wiltshire Record Office (G21)


Wiltshire Record Office (G22)


Monmouth Museum (also known as The Nelson Museum and Local History Centre)

Newport, I.o.W.

Isle of Wight Record Office (NBC)

New Romney

East Kent Archives Centre (NR)


Norfolk Record Office (NCR)


Nottinghamshire Record Office (now Nottinghamshire Archives) (CA)


Oswestry Town Hall


Dorset History Centre (DC/PL)


West Devon Record Office


Lancashire Record Office (CNP)


Centre for Kentish Studies (Qb)


North Yorkshire Record Office (DC/RMB)


North Yorkshire Record Office (DCRIC)


Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre (RCA); Rochester Guildhall Museum


East Sussex Record Office (RYE)

St. Albans

Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies (OFF ACC 1162)


Wiltshire Record Office (G23)


East Kent Record Office (Sa)


North Yorkshire Record Office


Shropshire Record Office (SRR)


Southampton City Archives (SC)


Stamford Town Hall


West Glamorgan Archives Service (B/S Corp.)


Suffolk Record Office (Bury St. Edmunds)


Gloucestershire Record Office (TBR)


Norfolk Record Office (T/C)


Devon Record Office (1579A)


Berkshire Record Office (W/AC1)


Somerset Record Office


City of Westminster Archives Centre


Dorset History Centre (WYP)


Wigan Archives Service (D/DZ)


Wiltshire Record Office


East Sussex Record Office (WIN)


Worcestershire Record Office


Hampshire Record Office (W)


Oxfordshire Record Office (B, now BOR4)


York City Archives; Borthwick Institute


All Hallows Barking parish registers at All Hallows Barking, London

Arundel Castle mss at Arundel Castle, Sussex

Beaufort mss at Badminton House, Gloucestershire (record book of band of gentleman pensioners)

Bedford manuscripts at Bedford Estate Office, Woburn Abbey

Bethersden parish records at Bethersden, Kent

Bowes letter books at Glamis Castle

Carew Pole mss at Antony House, Cornwall

Cork mss at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

Devereux papers at Longleat House, Wiltshire (IHR microfilm)

Grosvenor mss at Eaton Hall, Cheshire

Harley mss at Brampton Bryan, Herefordshire

Lumley mss at Sandbeck Park, Yorkshire

Minutes of Sir John Hawkins’ Hospital at Sir John Hawkins’ Hospital, Chatham

Norfolk estate papers and accounts at Raynham Hall, Norfolk

Northumberland mss at Alnwick Castle (BL microfilm)

Salisbury mss at Hatfield House, Hertfordshire (BL microfilm)

Spencer mss at Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire

Strathmore mss at Glamis Castle

Thynne papers at Longleat House, Wiltshire (IHR microfilm)

Tollemache mss at Buckminster Park, Leicestershire

Watson mss at Rockingham Castle, Leicestershire

Whitelocke papers at Longleat House, Wiltshire (IHR microfilm)

Wyndham family mss at Cockermouth Castle


Archivo di Stato, Firenze

Salvetti mss (4194)

Beinecke Library, Yale University

Osborne shelves (b.9)

Bibliothèque Nationael de France, Paris

fonds francais 1597

Chicago University Library

Bacon papers

Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington D.C.

Bacon-Townshend mss (L.d)

Bagot mss (L.a)

Letter book of Sir Ralph Winwood (G.b.10)

Loseley mss (L.b)

Robert Bennett papers (X.d)

Scudamore mss (V.b)

Tamworth Castle muniments (Ferrers mss) (L.e)

Harvard University, Houghton Library

Diary of Sir William Spring 1624 (MS English 980)

fMS Eng. 919(7)

Harvard University Law Library

Harvard Law School mss (MS 114)

MS 1101

Henry E. Huntington Library, San Marino, California

Ellesmere mss (EL)

Hastings mss (HA)

Stowe mss

Temple correspondence

Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Kansas University

Anonymous diary of 1624 Parliament (E237)

National Archief, Raad van State Archief

English lias, ms 1626

National Library of Ireland, Dublin

MS 8013 (ix)

MSS D3953, 3954

Trinity College, Dublin

MS 382

MS 611

MS 612ii

MS 877

Ref Volumes: 1604-1629

Author: Andrew Thrush

End Notes