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From the Grassroots is exploring the history of modern politics in Devon through oral testimony.  Using the accounts of activists, agents and councillors, the project is building a picture of the county’s major political issues and the dynamics between local and Westminster government since 1945. The recorded interviews provide a whole new perspective on the ‘day-to-day’ culture of local politics.

Through our interviews we have ‘given a voice’ to people at all levels of the political ladder who have contributed to the political history of the county. We have explored how politics has changed through the personal memories of individuals who participated.  Oral history is a powerful medium in which to discover how political cultures are nurtured through the interaction of individual personalities and experiences.  

Here, you can browse our material in two ways:

•    Through the individual biographies of our interviewees . You can hear clips from their interviews and learn a little about them and their experiences;

•    Through thematic articles. Over the project we are researching various themes that have influenced the human history of Devon politics, such as family tradition, religion, education, as well as the impact of political idols and doctrines.  You can find out more about some of these themes here.




Featured interview

    • Born 1945
    • Devon County Council
    • Council Leader
    • Conservative

    John Hart’s family came to Devon after his father bought a holiday camp at Wembury in 1937. John spent many of his early years on a local neighbouring farm until moving to South Devon for his father’s work.

Featured theme

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