From the Grassroots: Website launched!

We are delighted to launch this new, interactive website for From the Grassroots. The website will showcase our interviews and research, as well as being an excellent way to keep you to date with the project’s events and volunteering opportunities.

In our Research section, you can browse our interviews with local political activists, find out more about them, and listen to clips from their Interviews. You can also explore Devon’s political history in our Themes section, which includes articles on specific historical topics with audioclips and, excitingly, archive video footage (thanks to the South West Film and Television Archive).

We are especially happy with a new Community section, where you can share your memories and thoughts about politics in Devon. You can sign up to our Community here, and once a member you can contribute in two ways. Firstly you can start discussions and share photographs in the Your Memories section, why not tell us about your first political memory, or your involvement in an election? Secondly, we will highlight some issues that emerge from our research in Talking Points and we’d love you hear your thoughts on these controversial topics! Here’s our first one (again with some great archive film from SWFTA) on Enoch Powell’s controversial visit to Exeter University in 1968.

Following soon will be a set of Schools resources, but in the meantime we have links to other useful websites for teachers and students of modern political history. And of course you can keep up-to-date in our News section, and find out how you can Get Involved in the project yourself.

We will add new content to the website throughout the project, so keep checking back for more material.


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