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In this section, we invite you to share your memories of politics in Devon with us. What was your first political memory? Do you have a great story about an election? Or a photograph of a political rally or event? You can tell us about these memories and experiences here. You can either start a new discussion, or perhaps someone else has already shared their memory of a particular event or theme which you can improve by adding your own thoughts.

Don’t forget, we’d like you to let us know a little about you when you are posting, this will make the conversation much more interesting, especially if you were involved directly!

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Torchlit victory parades in Barnstaple

I am told that there are photograhs of torchlit victory parades in Barnstaple at the Cross Street headquarters of the North Devon Lb Dems.  I understand that the original was taken in 1959 on the first occasion that Jeremy Thorpe was elected.  The second was taken on the return to North Devon of Nick Harvey, the newly elected North Devon MP in 1992.  I shall see if these can be scanned and posted here.   

Family Memories

Lots of the interviews in From the Grassroots seem to start with family memories of politics, so I thought I would start things off in the Community with one of mine. My family are all politically interested but have never been particularly active. My Dad - who I'm fairly confident votes Conservative, although in our family we do not ask how the others vote (and he would tell me it was a matter between him and the polling booth if I did!) - remembers that my Nan would never let him take her to the polling station on election day. She would refuse lifts from all of the party activists until the Conservatives came around, when she would be, according to Dad, 'insufferably nice' to him. As my Nan was a very committed Labour supporter this confused my Dad as a child, until she finally revealed one day: "if I'm in his car he can't take anyone to the station who might actually vote for him!" One way of making your vote count twice, I guess!

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