Dr Vivienne Larminie

Current Research

Assistant Editor Commons 1640-1660

History of Parliament Research

Since joining HoP from the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, where I was a research editor for the 17th century, I have worked mainly on MPs for southern English constituencies, most notably Nathaniel Fiennes and John Selden, memorialists Edmund Ludlowe and Bulstrode Whitelocke, Speaker William Lenthall, and Philip Herbert, 4th earl of Pembroke, and his circle.  A particular interest has proved to be religious issues as they appeared in Parliament.  

Research and Publications

Originally a historian of Warwickshire gentry, I moved outwards to lawyers, clergy, diplomats and refugees.  Longstanding projects include Oxford c.1630–1686, Huguenots, Anglo-Swiss relations, and early modern Switzerland.

My publications include:

- over 100 biographies and other entries for Oxford DNB

- ‘The Herbert Connection, the French Church and Westminster Politics, 1643–1661’, in Vivienne Larminie ed., Huguenot Networks 1560-1780: The Interactions and Impact of a Protestant Minority in Europe (Routledge: New York and Abingdon, 2017)

- ‘Johann Heinrich Hummel, the Peningtons and the London godly community: Anglo-Swiss networks 1634-1674’, History of Reformed Pietism ii.2 (2016)

[see http://jhrp.godgeleerdheid.vu.nl/index.php/jhrp/article/view/46 ]

- ‘The Fell Era 1658-1686’, in Ian Gadd ed., The History of Oxford University Press (OUP: Oxford, 2013)

- ‘Exile, integration and European perspectives: Huguenots in the Pays de Vaud’, in D. J. B. Trim ed., The Huguenots: History and Memory in Transnational Context (Brill: Leiden and Boston, 2011)

- ‘The Jacobean diplomatic fraternity and the protestant cause: Sir Isaac Wake and the view from Savoy’, English Historical Review cxxi (2006)

- ‘Oxford DNB, the du Moulin connection and the location of the Church of England in the later seventeenth century’ in A. Dunan-Page ed., The Religious Experience of the Huguenots, 1660–1750 (Ashgate, 2006)

- ‘La vie religieuse en pays de Vaud et le contexte européen’ in F. Flouck, P.-R Monbaron, M. Stubenvoll and D. Tosato-Rigo eds., De L’Ours à la Cocarde: régime bernois et révolution en pays de Vaud (1536-1798) (Payot: Lausanne, 1998)

- Wealth, Kinship and Culture: the seventeenth century Newdigates of Arbury and their world (Boydell and Brewer for Royal Historical Society, 1995)